Tunnel Your apps via ssh with tsocks

SSH tunnels are an incredible approach to secure your system associations without needing to setup any unique VPN servers and so on… SSH backings making SOCKS substitutes which you can educate your provisions to utilize – subsequently compelling all movement to pass by means of an encoded tunnel between you and your server. Tragically not […]

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Career Advice

How To Get Yourself Out of Dead End IT Job

I think back in time and realizes after 3 years and one month of working at my current job that I am “Trapped IN Dead End IT Job”. I can’t even call this a IT job because I don’t even use of my skills learned over the past 10 years since finishing school. After being […]

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Cloud Computing

What is IAAS, PAAS, SAAS In The Cloud Computing Model

In the modern day IT environment understanding the Cloud computing model is very important to your  IT career success.  Big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Google are investing billions of dollars into the technology to better services their customers.  Your job is to become experts at setup, configuring, and implementing theses technology for businesses.  Don’t […]

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How to Disable Automatic Restart in Windows 8 or Windows 7

Quite often, Windows downloading improvements quietly within the qualifications while you’re operating and sets up all of them pictures future shutdown or even restart. On the other hand, when you delay to much time in order to reboot on your own or even your own up-date arises for a slated time period, the operating system […]

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/usr/bin/env python no such file or directory ubuntu

Which made little sense to me. My problem is that my editor had silently converted the script from Unix LF to Windows CR/LF line-termination. A rather unfortunate upshot of this is that “#!/usr/bin/env python” actually became “#!/usr/bin/env python\015” where \015 is the invisible CR character… /usr/bin/env was, then, unable to find a command “python\015” – […]

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