How To Get Yourself Out of Dead End IT Job

I think back in time and realizes after 3 years and one month of working at my current job that I am “Trapped IN Dead End IT Job”. I can’t even call this a IT job because I don’t even use of my skills learned over the past 10 years since finishing school. After being laid off (let’s just say fired) from another dead end IT support job at a tiny software company in Toronto. I found myself unemployed and out work once again. I had no useful job experience after leaving that job, unless you want to call sitting on my ass all day talking to idiots about Access database crashes and how to enter payments into PMS. Once again on the hunt for a Just Over Broke to keep the payments going, thru luck (labor, under, correct, knowledge), I was able to find a contract position at fortune 500 company here in Markham. Great the same pay but I won’t be here long because I will find some better soon. 3 years later and nothing!!! I am right back to square one, working in job that doesn’t build any job experience for better paying positions. I am still working under another prick manager who has no respect for me or skills. No rises for the past 5 years, let me think I have never been given a rise. Maybe I can help some poor soul out there facing the same problems I am. How to get yourself out of Dead End IT job.

 Dead End IT job
Dead End IT job

How to get yourself out of Dead End IT job

1.Get Your Personal Financial Balance Sheet In Order

Let’s get the point the main reason your stuck in that dead end job is because you need money to live and pay bills. Start by cutting worthless expense from your budget, that up to you to know what expenses you don’t need. Next start saving the amount of 3 months gross income so if you make $3000 per month then $9000 is your target. This money is for anything else but if you lose you job and need income while looking for new work. Easier said then done but pay off debt credit cards, student loads, car loans, and etc. The banks make it so impossible to pay off but if you had no debt then you can leave that dead end IT Job and anytime to find better work. Right if your going to trade time for money then lets use the power of money to determine if you same trapped or free.

2.Training and Certifications

I finally taking my own advice and getting some IT Certs. I have registered for a Linux exam for $50 saving myself $250 from Linux Fountain. It seems like for every hardware device and application out there has a certifications. Find the ones you like best and get trained and take the exams. Human resource people are so stupid the screen candidates based on what certs are on your resume. No certifications then no interview with IT departments. I know the arguments but some people think certifications are important. If you have one of two then you look like some kind of go getter in their eyes.

3.Part Time Business and Volunteer Work

I have come the realize that I have start my own business in our to advance my career. I am now tried of the HR telephone interviews, resumes sending, and kissing ass in interviews. For you just start a part time side business, internet marketing, web site design, freelance work on a site like or Doesn’t hurt to have some business income to write off some expenses. I am not a financial adviser so check with a professional you trust for money and tax advice. I haven’t done it but volunteer work would be a great way to build some skills in the real world so you can get out of dead end IT job. Yes your not getting paid but the experience would be great if you find the right opportunity.

Getting unstuck from a dead-end job is not about having a positive attitude, but about positive action. “Don’t say there is no room for growth. Make new doors and explore new territories. Where there is no upward growth, go for lateral moves. Don’t wait for an acknowledgement; tell them and show them that you deserve better. It’s all about awareness, initiative and positive action.

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